Ode to coffee.

mocha espresso, Cafe Vivace.
caffe macchiato, Espresso Vivace.

Seattle claims 9,368 coffee shops within its city limits. Somehow more coffee shops crop up every day.

The city’s coffee addiction is understandable. Seattle’s weather forecast for two-thirds of the year is “drizzly cold” and the only thing you want is a hot drink to cradle and imbibe. Preferably with caffeine to keep you from staying in bed all day. To stay out of bed, I’ve sipped my way around the city. And I haven’t had a bad sip yet.

So then why, in the midst of Coffee Shop Eden, is everyone here is obsessed with Starbucks? Why is there one on every block (totaling to at least 424.) Why does a Seattle woman named Beautiful Existence feel she has to prove her undying Starbucks love and consume only Starbucks items for a year?

Why?? As the Seattlite Tom puts it, “We’re addicted to caffeine. Starbucks sells candy caffeine.”

To the Starbucks on every corner,

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Love, Robert Frost and Jessie


Top 3 coffee shops from the road less traveled:

Arabica Lounge: this artsy fartsy joint created by multimedia artist Jojo Corväiá is “a place for the stimulation of all senses…to revisit the fact that good quality of life is always within reach.” You’ll probably agree if your idea of the good life is sipping fantastically thick coffee next to a montage of nautical prints. Or if you like a man with a beard and dark-rimmed glasses because he will serve your coffee. Or if you want to make conversation difficult with loud alternative jazz. It’s a cool spot, a bit too cool for heartfelt social interactions. But if you want the best cappuccino in Seattle, Arabica Lounge is your place.

Caffè Fiorè: the best eco-roasters in town. As you sip in the dark, cozy coffee tavern feel sustainable with your organic bean coffee. Order the Sevilla, mocha coffee with orange zest. It rings up at a hefty $4, but the unique taste experience is splurge worthy.

Espresso Vivace: as Vivace’s name tells, the cafe brews espresso in its liveliest, creamiest, most wonderful form. Espresso Vivace’s secret is in the foam they coax from brewed coffee and milk. Foam holds complex flavor while lightening texture. My favorite is the barista-recommended caffe macchiato, coffee with a dollop of milk foam. It tastes like coffee cocoa and cream. For those with sweet teeth, the White Velvet will make you swoon.


cappuccino, Arabica Lounge.

cappuccino, Arabica Lounge.



3 thoughts on “Ode to coffee.

  1. These photos are beautiful and your descriptions inspire me to put aside my beloved morning cup of tea and try some coffee. Here Here to the road less traveled and my beautiful girl who does such a good job of seeing beauty along the way!

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