Glutton hangover: បាញ់ឆែវ.


‘Tis the season to imbibe. Yet after wonderfully endless bits of toffee, plates of Christmas cookies, and glasses of spiked eggnog, I’m ready to call it a day. An I-need-to-consume-only-that-which-is-steamed-and-green sort of day. Even food lovers and gluttons have to pace themselves; we’ve still got New Years.

The perfect compliment to this green day comes from a culturally colorful part of town: Atlana’s Buford Highway. I recover my malnourished stomach with an Asian take on savory crêpes, the “pancake,” from Vietnamese dive Nuom Phong. The pancake is stuffed with fresh bean sprouts and served with a vegetal heap of dandelion greens, lettuce, basil, and mint. Green scallions dot the pancake’s coconut oil crisped egg yolk crust. And I drizzle it all with spicy sriracha and a garlic hoisin sauce. Yeah recovery.1-DSC01400


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