The Swiss Bakery.

If you’re ever in Santa Fe, the first thing you must do is to drop everything you’re doing. The second thing you must do is to get thee self to The Swiss Bakery on corner of Guadalupe and Montezuma.

No excuses. Upon arrival, a lovely waitress will instantly serve you with rounds of delicate shortbread as you relax at your tranquil, corner-nestled bistro table. In between leisurely people watching, you might order the hazelnut cappuccino with a light yet flavorful lemon ricotta crêpe or the arm-sacrifice-worthy Eggs Benedict. Or, like me, you might find yourself glued before the café’s glass case of colorful Napoléons, tarts toppling with fresh apricots and violet blackberries, and citrus glazed almond croissants.

I won’t judge you if you gaze with more longing at The Swiss Bakery’s croissants than you would the man you love. No one could after they have had one bite of these elegant, golden creatures that contain more butter than you keep in your fridge during the Christmas baking season. There’s even free parking at Sanbusco around the corner if you keep your daily need for The Bakery on the down-low.

Ruth and Phillipe, two Santa Feans originally from Lausanne, Switzerland, own and run the business seven days a week. Phillipe trained for many years at a Swiss pastry school doing work that, he says, was much more difficult than anything he did while serving in the Swiss Guard. Check The Bakery out and give Phillipe a kiss on the cheek; one bite of his legendary Swiss Apple Strudel and you’ll realize all of his hard work is certainly not for naught. “Life is short. Eat desert first.”


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