From yoga to the ‘mandu

Our "turd eyes" were happy and enlightened at graduation.

So I graduated. From yoga school. And Guruji actually smiled (see picture.)

Twelve hours later, I said goodbye to Ashram Life and namaste to the land of Mt. Everest, prayer flags, and Sherpas: Nepal. I’ve been in Kirtipur, a small hill town about fifteen minutes outside Kathmandu, for a little over a week. And I’ve fallen in love.

By the end of yoga school, my body needed to rest from six hours of exercise a day and my mind was hungry to start research; Nepal is the jar of Ayurvedic medicine that is restoring my soul.


2 thoughts on “From yoga to the ‘mandu

  1. Great to know that you liked Nepal so much, It’s very close to my own house, and I don’t even need any visa or passport for traveling there.. Will visit Mt Everest very soon.

    By the way, I am working on a video, will be uploading in a few days.. you will enjoy it for sure!

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