नेपाल Anthropologia/A day in Kirtipur.

Room with a view: a Kirtipur morning.

Newfound homeland/room.

Daal Baat #1

5:00 am            wake up to rooftop yoga and the sunrise over Kathmandu.

7:00 am            breakfast in bed with my sweet roommate, Sangita.

7:35 am            open the window and sigh. ah! mist and dew over the Himalayas!

8:00 am            learn about contemporary Nepali issues like religion, ethnicity, and politics from various Tribhuvan University (the one and only university in Nepal) professors with quirky English accents and interesting mustaches.

10:00 am            daal baat #1. chew yogically (at least 35 times.) sit in vajrasana. massage of the pancreas and liver to improve digestion.

11:00 am            Nepali language class.

12:34 pm            still, Nepali language class.

1:29 pm            what else but Nepali language class?

2:16 pm            brain becomes chai tea in Nepali language class.

3:00 pm            death by Nepali language class.

4:00 pm            learn yoga from a little Nepali man who sounds like a fairy and is named Shiva (the Destroyer.)

6:00 pm            explore Kirtipur. bum a piece of pineapple off of hajuraamaa, my new friend, a little old lady down the street and talk to her about my husband (she still refuses to accept I am not married…it’s not just the language barrier.)

7:00 pm            daal baat #2.  Attempt to beat daal baat #1 chew quota.

8:00 pm            have hilariously bi-lingual conversations with Sangita, Anju, Prem, Laxmi, and Rajaram. become lost in translation. optional henna tatooing.

8:45pm            cram Nepali words and phrases in to the mind. fall asleep while attempting to conjugate verbs.

10:48 pm            cozy in to bed. obligatory pinch…is this real? how did I get this lucky?

10:53 pm            sigh. life is one beautiful, exquisite possibility.

Sangita and me at Pashupati Temple in Kathmandu during Teej Jatra (festival)


3 thoughts on “नेपाल Anthropologia/A day in Kirtipur.

  1. I envy you.. you are enjoying your life to the fullest and here I am sitting in front of my computer doing all sorts of boring things… websites,programming, more websites…

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