Hare om.

My first week in India has flown by. So much yoga, sweat, and strange smells have worked their way in to eight twenty-four hour periods that it feels I’ve been in Indore for one year, not one week.

This week was spent inside the ashram where much of life is quiet and clean (“clean” being relative; I mean the Indian version of clean,

which is definitely not everyone’s idea of clean). We meditate twice a day, silently eat our raw fruits and vegetables at mealtimes, dress in white, and either read yoga texts or practice asanas in free time. To greet each other, people in Indore say, “Hare Om.” It can be translated roughly as, “I bow to the Higher Consciousness in you.”

Yet outside the ashram life is loud. Very loud. Every rickshaw has a horn. And to maintain positive karma and not kill any cows, dogs, bikes, or humans, every rickshaw uses that horn. A couple fellow yogis and I went to the main bazaar yesterday to do some shopping. It was quite an experience of contrasts. After wading through muddy monsoon season streets, I was glad to come back and learn how to do some hardcore inner and outer cleansing with asanas and niyams (a yogi’s personal wellness code). Niyam Rule #1. Wash feet.


5 thoughts on “Hare om.

  1. Oh Sweet Jess!! I’m loving reading all about your adventure! It reminds me of me long ago as I set out to understand the world in my 20’s. I love you dear girl! Be safe and know that lots and lots of prayer is covering you and your journey. keep writing! We love reading!!!!!
    Love you forever and ever!
    Aunt Andee

  2. Whew! This sounds quite similar to Haiti – the uncleanliness – the crazy driving in odd automobiles and incessant honking – yet, of course it is much different too. I am so glad you’re writing. The pictures are beautiful and you write so well. – The raw foods, the sweat – it all sounds so cleansing.
    Hare Om – I love you

  3. Jessie,

    Your blog entry reminds me of my experiences in India. There is so much that it is impossible digest everything, but it is so great. School is starting soon and the energy of Davidson is picking up. I know so many freshman! It’s outrageous!

    Miss you,
    Wishing you well,

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